Asylum detainee on hunger strike ‘close to death’


An asylum seeker on hunger strike could die within 24 hours if he is not released from detention, an MP has warned.

Samuel Sorinwa, 27, who according to his medical records has not received any liquids for 11 days, may not live long enough to make a hearing over his continued detention at the high court on Wednesday.

The refusal of Harmondsworth detention centre to release him, along with another critically ill inmate, indicates that the Home Office is toughening its stance on releasing detainees intent on starving themselves to death. Last month, the Guardian reported on how an increasing number of asylum seekers were being quietly released from detention amid fears they would starve themselves to death in the Home Office’s care.

Sorinwa is one of the men said to be close to death. He claims to be Portuguese, but the Home Office insists he is from Nigeria. His lawyers claim he was interviewed twice last year by the Nigerian high commission in London and it refused to issue him with a passport.

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UK Detention Centre

UK Detention Centre

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    govt. must do something nw