Beware the lure of Mark Zuckerberg’s cool capitalism

Facebook Founder

Facebook Founder

Cyberspace is turning into a political programme. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is pumping tens of millions of dollars into “a social welfare group” – a lobby company in all but name – to tell politicians how they should reorder society. He assumes that what is good for Silicon Valley is good for everyone else. And if you don’t ask too many questions, it is easy to agree, and find his programme surprisingly liberal.

Contrary to the demands of the Tea Party, Zuckerberg wants to ease immigration controls. If bright foreign engineers want to move to California and work for him, he can see no good reason why Congress should stop them. Not just Zuckerberg but Eric Schmidt of Google and virtually every other tech magnate wants Congress to welcome entrepreneurs and young professionals. They support the modishly titled Startup Act 2.0, which would let in foreigners with enough private capital to put Americans to work.


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