Mass migration is a symptom, not a cause, of crisis

Yvette Cooper- Labour got things wrong; Courtesy of BBC

Yvette Cooper- Labour got things wrong; Courtesy of BBC

David Goodhart’s recent article, “Why the left is wrong about immigration”, promoting his new book, The British Dream, begins with a swipe at the “idealistic young men and women” working in NGOs and law firms who work “to usher into this society as many people as possible from poor countries”. Duped by our secular faith in universalism and equality, immigration lawyers – and, allegedly, our counterparts in the civil service – are foolishly working to undermine the social democratic state that we hold dear.

We care “more about people in Burundi than Birmingham”. We are widening the scope of human rights law to the detriment of the country. We naively believe borders should be abolished. We have no economic analysis of the situation (though we are supposed to be of the left), indeed, it “must seem like a crime” that more money is spent on the NHS than overseas development.


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