Multiculturalism or Uniculturalism


If I may ask, what does the concept of multiculturalism automatically inspire, provoke, and/or ignite in you whenever you hear the word? Does it inspire division, unity, or stability? We all know that multiculturalism is about recognising our differences and respecting others’ experiences and backgrounds.

Austin Aneke- Editor of UK Immigrant Magazine

Austin Aneke- Editor of UK Immigrant Magazine

Culture is the way people do their things. Multiculturalism represents the different ways different people do their things. But we should note that there is no country that is culturally homogenous. In essence the existence of subcultures in most societies is a priori true. Multiculturalism as an idea, captures the very essence and nature of these differences and diversity. Nevertheless the issue to me is- what should we be promoting, respecting and/or recognising?

I believe that we should be promoting a counter force in order to reach or find some sort of equilibrium in society. This counter force is what I call uniculturalism. While we should respect and recognise multi cultures in our society, we should not promote them. Rather we should be promoting uniculturalism that brings us together as one people. Uniculturalism emphasises our country first before our diverse sub experiences. While multiculturalism promotes diversity in unity, uniculturalism promotes unity in diversity. Uniculturalism should be the centripetal force that pulls us together and unify us. We should be promoting the realisation of a melting pot, rather than some rigid, sub pots. We should be promoting British citizenship rather than diversity among the citizenry.

USA represents the closest to this type of society. Americans see themselves first as Americans before noting their varied differences. The point here is that America is promoted first before any other diverse variable. Diversity is naturally recognised and respected to avoid discrimination and oppression, but not promoted. We are doing the reverse in UK, thereby creating ghettos mentally, behaviourally, and structurally. Promotion of multiculturalism promotes diversity and weakens unity in our society. This creates consciousness of differences rather than one humanity. This transforms into various behavioural problems. I am from A and of B. Some people come to UK and argue themselves into immigration success with the idea of “one world, one people”, but immediately embrace multiculturalism i.e. “different worlds, different people”, at settlement. This is leading us to nowhere.

By Austin Aneke (Author of Technology and Corruption and Editor of UK Immigrant Magazine


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