New migrants to face £1,000 healthcare levy


New migrants to Britain will have to pay an upfront levy of at least £1,000 to cover the cost of their healthcare in their first five years in the UK, the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, is to announce on Wednesday.

The health secretary is also to announce that free access to GPs for short-term visitors from outside Europe who come for less than six months is to end. In future they will face a charge as they do for hospital care. European visitors will continue to get free access to the NHS and nobody will be refused emergency treatment.

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Jeremy Hunt- Health Secretary

Jeremy Hunt- Health Secretary

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  • PaupersPride

    Seriously, this actually applies to migrants from outside the EU, I mean what a disrespect to the many visitors of countries from outside the EU who have given so much to Britain in past and present times. Well actually in reality the didn’t just give it to Britain, man a time these things were forcefully plundered. But of course that has no home in the memory apathetic Jeremy Hunt.

  • Jens

    About time too. I have lived in several countries, apart from UK, where I had to provide private insurance to get my visa, or, as is the case presently in Turkey, I have to pay monthly contributions to the National Health Scheme no matter whether I work or not (indeed I do not have a work-permit and still have to pay NI contributions monthly). If I can’t afford that, or if I don’t want to do that, I have the option to return to my home-country where I get covered as a citizen or go somewhere else where the rules are different. And that of course is the beauty of being an immigrant, the freedom to choose where you want to go and where you want to be, but of course also the obligation to play by the rules in whatever country you decide to settle.