At a time when UK immigration vocabualry has ominously changed from humanism to robust, discretion to stringent, fairness to tightening, courteous to regiment, commonwealth to non-EU, assessement to point system, present to retrospective effect, directorate to agency, and hospitality to deportation, most immigrants in UK have reason to be very worried.


The UK immigration system is not changing but has completely changed. The UK Border and Immigration Agency responsible for immigration control, has its own army. It is armed with ever changing immigration rules that are retrospectively executed most of the time. It is also equiped with spying technics that some services will be jealous of; and officials with menacing steel handcuffs jangling on their waists. The situation is so worrying that some prisons are now exclusively reserved for “foreign criminals”. Even the “prison like” detention centres are expanding rapidly, with government boasting of their ability to increase capacity.

Nevertheless, and in our opinion the M25 orbital is the safest and free-est area to live for any non-white -non EU immigrant in the entire Europe. Moreover some very good charity groups are still fighting for the rights of immigrants in UK. They are delivering the humanism needed at this  time in the life of a large chunk of immigrants.

This magazine is a voice for all immigrants in UK. We fight for asylum seekers and refugees, economic migrants and child immigrants, (a lot of them stranded and in pain), and  help them to assimilate and integrate smoothly into the Uk socio-economic system. We  celebrate their life styles and respect the land we all live in.
We  do this by providing vital immigration info and direction. We are aware that it takes time for immigrants to settle into a new environment. We also know that most immigrants have common needs,  accommodation, jobs, amelioration of cultural shock, and most importantly- understanding the new environment.

We shall also ask questions about Uk citizens. Are they emigrating out from UK? If yes, why? We  also wish to investigate events in developing countries. Why are they losing the cream of their professionals to developed nations like UK. Can developing countries do more to limit emigration from their zones, or are developed countries actually inducing brain drain from these countries. The questions are endless. Can you write an immigration related article for us?

Austin Aneke

Editor- UK Immigrant Magazine

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