Why are well qualified teachers working as cleaners?


Morro Tunkara has three degrees and holds a higher certificate from teacher training college in the Gambia. He has seven years’ teaching experience at both primary and secondary level, specialising in English and science.

Since he came to the UK in 2009 to complete his studies, Tunkara has worked as a volunteer for a charity, as a door-to-door salesman, and, now, as a domestic assistant, doing agency shifts in various London hospitals. In this post, his tasks, he explains, include sweeping floors, cleaning toilets and making tea. “The major part of my work is cleaning.”

ukbaaaNaturally enough, what he would like to do is teach, not scrub lavatories. His qualifications have been validated by UK Naric, the national agency responsible for verifying qualifications and skills attained outside the UK. And, as the only one of his siblings to have had an education, he has a profound respect for teaching. “Teaching is my passion,” he says. “That’s where my heart lies. I know I have the knowledge, the experience.”

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