A Few Oddities of Uk Minorities.


By Austin Aneke

Most immigrants of all ages and generations arrive in western countries with their bags and baggage. These include their top secret life styles, highly overcharged ego, and many a time- honour inclined dispositions. They attempt to sustain all these by conservative, religious, inward and traditional mode of practices and attitudes. These attitudes and behavior make up and sustain subcultures that operate constantly in conflict against each other, and are a world apart from the dominant larger society. Their sensibilities sometimes reach the dangerous mark as they engage in violent elimination of their members in the name of deluded and dirty preservation of some sort of honour.  There is absolutely nothing honorable about murder and whether you like it or not, racist induced misdemeanors and/or homicide.

As the beat goes on they surround themselves with untouchable and illicit taboos over a range of real life situations. They are the first to bar discussions about sex and death, pretending that all is well and that their children even have the capacity to avoid pre-marital sex. The implications are shocking.  85% of teenagers (males) attending suspected brothels in central London are from minority ethnic groups. A subculture that thrives in secrecy and pretentious dispositions induces them into some discreet and inevitable patronage of vice houses. Since they are not allowed to engage in relationships that guarantees them some bit of sexual flow, the power of nature takes over and they end up in unholy environments.  Because they are deeply attached to their religions they are bereft of the reality and repercussions of lifestyles that face them in industrialized free societies.

The current issue of trends of organ donations in UK makes very uncomfortable reading regarding the minority folks. It is a culture of don’t talk about death and body parts; they belong to God’s sphere and temple respectively. ‘Many people on the organ donation waiting list die each year without receiving organs. Despite the fact that minority people are at higher risk, they are less likely to support or consent to organ donation. People from South Asia, African, and Afro-Caribbean communities living in UK are more likely to need kidney transplant than the rest of the population. Black people are three times likely as the general population to develop kidney failure. The need for kidneys in the Asian community is three to four times higher. This is because they are more likely to develop diabetes or blood pressure, both of which are major causes of kidney failure. Unfortunately while their need for donor organs is three times higher than among the general population, donation rate is very poor among Black and Asian communities; thus reducing a chance of a successful match being found. In other words not only are members of these communities at higher risk of kidney failure, it is also harder to find a suitable donor. It is therefore imperative that members of these communities increase their willingness to donate organs after death’. But therein lays the taboo, ‘after their death’. They don’t want talk about this. Minority populations should educate themselves on the inevitable outcomes of what they are doing and what they leave undone. Enough of hiding their heads in the sand like the big ostrich, leaving the greater part exposed to greater danger.

Inclinations and oddities that dent and taint multiculturalism should be decimated for large hearted attitudes that ensure cohesion and healthy living. The larger society demands no more and expects no less.

Austin aneke

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