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Raif faces another 50 lashes after Friday prayers tomorrow. He has already endured 50 lashes – but Saudi Arabia plans to lash him another 950 times.

Raif is a prisoner of conscience who is being publicly tortured simply because he supported free speech.

Please urgently call on Saudi Arabia to stop the lashings and free Raif.

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Last Friday, Saudi Arabia began to flog Raif. He was beaten on his back and legs 50 times. He was shackled, handcuffed, and paraded before a crowd. And Saudi authorities plan to do it again tomorrow, and every week after Friday prayers until they have flogged him 1,000 times.

Sign our petition calling for an urgent halt to Raif’s public torture

Raif Badawi is not a criminal. He is a blogger who is paying the price for speaking out in Saudi Arabia. After he created a website advocating debate, he has been persecuted by Saudi authorities, who last year sentenced him to a decade in prison, a hefty fine, a travel and media ban, and 1,000 lashes.

Saudi authorities are trying to make an example of Raif – flogging him in public is not only cruel and inhumane, it serves as a warning to others. .
At a time when freedom of expression is being widely discussed, the Saudi Arabian authorities have chosen to make an example of Raif for simply advocating free speech – while issuing statements condemning last week’s attacks on Charlie Hebdo.

Support free speech – call for Raif’s freedom

‘Raif told me that he is in a lot of pain. He said that when he was being flogged he took the pain silently and rose above it, so that history will know that he did not react to their punishment.’
Ensaf Haidar, Raif’s wife

Tonight we will send another petition to the Saudi authorities asking them to halt tomorrow’s floggings. We will continue to let them know that support for Raif – and horror at the floggings – is not waning. Please sign the petition for his freedom. Raif needs your support more than ever.

Demand that Saudi Arabia frees Raif Badawi

Thank you,
Karen Middleton
Karen Middleton

Individuals at Risk Manager
Amnesty International UK

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