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Tony Blair appeared before the Iraq War inquiry yesterday 29th January, and as expected he defended his decision to go to war properly. The usual phrases, concepts, and words did come up. They included 9/11, no fly zone, Bush and Crawford meeting, 1441, etc.

Blair made it clear that 9/11 was the turning point. It changed the nature of risk assesement. Saddam was given a final chance in 1441 but he ignored it. According to him, the war would have been avoided if he had come clean and allowed the UN inspectors in, to perform their jobs without hindrance.

He also posited that Peter Goldsmith, the former Attorney General was not pressured into changing his mind about the legality of the war. According to him, Peter is an astute Barrister capable of making his own decisions. He went further to say that there were no covert deals with George Bush. Everthing was open and in the public domain.

Among a lot of things said he indicated he was responsible but not contrite about his actions. Saddam was evil and deserved to be removed. I am sure that people will be frustrated or convinced about his appearance depending on your position before he attended the inquiry in the first place.

History will be the Judge, and if you predict by Tony’s performace before the Inquiry, the Judgment will be in his favour.


Austin Aneke

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