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What do migrants get when they come to Europe? A comparison of the UK and France, plus other facts and stats to know.

:: Housing

UK – People seeking asylum will be given somewhere to live. This could be a flat, house, hostel or B&B. You can’t choose where you live. It is unlikely you will be housed in London or southeast England.

France – Asylum-seekers are entitled to accommodation. The government is planning to build new housing for asylum seekers and for people granted asylum.

:: Money

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UK – You’ll get a weekly allowance so you can buy food, clothing and toiletries. A single adult gets £36.95. The sum could go up to as much as £72.52 depending on your age and family situation. Mothers and young children can get an extra payment of up to £5 per week. You can also apply for a one-off £300 maternity payment depending on the age of your child.

France – Adults get a temporary waiting allowance (ATA) of 11.45 euros (£8.01) a day. That’s 80.15 euros (£56.08) a week.

:: Healthcare

UK – The government website says migrants ‘may’ get free healthcare from the NHS. They also get free prescriptions, free dental care, free eyesight tests and help paying for glasses.

France – People seeking asylum are covered by the universal healthcare insurance system, but will have to prove that their incomes are low.

:: Education

UK – Children must attend school if aged between five and 17 and may be eligible for free school meals.

France – Children aged between six and 16 must go to school.

:: Work

UK –  Points-based system for anyone from outside the EU who wants to work in the UK.

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France – If you’re from outside of the EU, to legally work in France you need to find a job, obtain a work permit, obtain a long-stay visa and apply for a residence permit.

:: Detection

UK – Police cannot stop people in the street to ask for their papers, which could make it easier for illegal immigrants to avoid being picked up.

France – Official ID cards are available for free for French citizens. They are not compulsory but not carrying one could be problematic for those seeking asylum.

:: Chances Of Staying

UK – In 2014, 12,750 people from outside the EU applied to stay in the UK. 4,015 were approved (31.49%).

France – In 2014, 37,085 people from outside the EU applied to stay in France. 5,825 were approved (15.71%).

:: Origins

UK – The top five countries of origin for UK asylum seekers in 2014 were Pakistan, Eritrea, Iran, Syria and Albania.

France – Top five origin countries for France asylum seekers in 2014 were Democratic Republic of Congo, Russia, Bangladesh, Albania and Syria.

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:: Other quick facts and figures on immigration:

In 2014…

:: There were 19.5 million refugees in the world

:: Conflict and persecution forced an average of 42,500 people per day to leave their homes

:: Developing countries host over 86% of the world’s refugees

:: Germany was the largest recipient of new asylum claims with 173,100

:: The UK received 31,300

:: The country hosting the largest number of refugees was Turkey, with 1.59 million

:: Syria was the world’s top ‘source country’ of refugees

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