Attack Against the Togolese Team in Angola and World Cup in South Africa


Some ill informed and disgruntled people have already started linking recent tragedy involving the Togolese Squad in Angola, to the June 2010 World cup in South Africa. Most of the naïve and hypocritical statements insinuating the fact that South Africa world cup would not be safe comes mostly from Europe. This uneducated linkage is being made because it is Africa.

The Olympic Games will be held in England IN June 2012. Now I want to ask three questions. First, if the Basque Separatists in Spain decide to cause serious trouble in Spain on the first week of the England Olympic Games; will western media lead a malicious campaign against the games? Second; if the republicans in Northern Island decide to cause trouble during same time of the Olympics in England; will Western media lead very harsh comments on the security of the games? Third; if the terror threat in UK rises to the highest level during the same Olympics in England; will the tournament be abandoned? The likely answer to these questions is capital NO. Terrorists who attacked the Togolese squad should be hunted down and punished but Western media or in fact even locally infected African people and media should stop all unnecessary linkages and behavior that seem to suggest that all is well in their (Western) backyard, or that the Angola attack represents a full dress rehearsal of what to expect in South Africa during the coming World cup. Brutal western journalists portray the whole events like- Ooh! if it is in my country all would have been well or it would not happen. Hypocrisy, Collusion, and powerful media networks are their tools. Most western journalists fanning this ill fire have never even left Europe for the first time and do not know the position of Angola in relation to South Africa on world Atlas. Angola does not even share boundary with South Africa and represent a completely different political and economic ball game. Angola and her neighbor- Democratic republic of Congo both have a land mass larger than the entire central Europe. They simply equate Africans as one dumb bunch of atavistic remnants of an anthropoid, who cannot even successfully organize a village wrestling tournament.

All attacks should focus on the terrorists and not the tournament. Angola is recovering from a 25year war which ended 8 years ago. I am sure this tournament is aimed at boosting their recovery efforts. They deserve support and CAF and Africa need support too, at this crucial time. All negative linkages to the forthcoming world cup in South Africa are lowly and unacceptable.

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