Author Discusses Tactics to Advancing Development of Africa


Austin Aneke pens new book on African development, Technology and Corruption
LONDON – Following the work of Dambisa Moyo, New York Time’s best-selling author of Dead Aid Proposal, which highlights the fundamentals of development and discusses African development, comes author Austin Aneke with his new book,Technology and Corruption: The Missing and Morbid Links of Development in Africa.
“Having lived in both developing and developed countries, I was inspired to discover the reasons why western countries are developed and African countries are not,” explains Aneke. It was this curiosity that drove his enthusiasm in discovering the root cause and writing about it.

Technology and Corruption discusses the idea that Africa isn’t as technologically advanced as other continents, but whose corruption is highly visible in world politics. Aneke believes this scenario embodies the necessary and sufficient conditions for perpetual underdevelopment. He says that Africa must rediscover its place in technology and minimize corruption in order to develop.

Repeating the technological revolution that happened in England is crucial to development,” says Aneke. “No country can achieve sustainable development without doing this. Moreover the minimization of the mismanagement of vital resources for development is crucial for sustainable development.”

About the Author
Austin Aneke is the current director/editor of UK Immigrant Magazine, and had previously worked as comptroller in a West African population agency. Aneke studied sociology at the University of Port-Harcourt in Nigeria. He also pursued a master’s degree in criminology at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria. Aneke then proceeded to London where he studied law at London Metropolitan University. He lives in London with his wife and three children.

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