Barrack Obama,Olympic Bid, and Nobel Peace Prize


Chicago was the first city to be eliminated among the last four cities that competed to host the 2016 Olympics. This was despite the enormous weight and lobby put in place by the Obamas (Michelle and Mr President). Wstern media especially Fox NEWS were overjoyed claimming that they (the obamas) thought they could bamboozle IOC members with their oratory, charm, and charisma. They portrayed their trip to Luxemburg as embarasing and utter failure. The Obama Charm “are fading”.
But came the BANG about a week later. Nobel Peace Prize for Barack. Then suddenly the same section of media started screaming. The obamas have bamboozled Oslo with their Charm and oratory. They claim that the Obamas are just words without substance. What a shame?
The truth is that the Obamas have defied all political theories, and have achieved the unachievable. Some sections of the world are still pinching their hearts, to be sure they are not dreaming that an AfrIcan American man is US President. Common man! It is true, he is. And before I forget he has also won the Nobel Peace Prize.
By Austin Aneke, LONDON

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