Cameron tries to calm immigration debate as Blunkett raises riot fears


David Cameron has warned of the need for “sensible and calm language” about immigration after former home secretary David Blunkett suggested the arrival of Roma immigrants could lead to riots.

Speaking on a trip to Delhi, the prime minister said he believed in a combination of tough action and measured language about immigration, after Blunkett added to concerns raised by Ukip and Tory right-wingers about a potential influx of settlers from Romania and Bulgaria.

According to official figures published on Wednesday, the number of Romanians and Bulgarians working in Britain rose by 19% to 121,438 over the past year, and the Conservatives are under pressure to address concerns about what will happen when controls on the two newest EU members are lifted in January.

This week, Jack Straw, another former Labour home secretary, fuelled the debate by admitting his party made a “spectacular mistake” by dropping immigration restrictions on eastern European migrants under the last government.

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  1. austinvital says:

    Hmmm even from the leftists

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