Carim Research on Highly Skilled Migration.


CARIM research on highly-skilled migration into, through and from SEM and SSA countries will assess the trends, patterns and various dynamics underlying highly-skilled emigration and immigration from an interdisciplinary perspective that encompasses the economic-demographic, legal and socio-political aspects.

Research objectives and topics are the following:

Emphasis is laid on taking a broad view with regard to the movement of skilled migrants, focusing on the emigration of educated migrants (in general with tertiary education) and assessing if this represents a loss not only for the labour market in the country of origin, but also for society at large. In fact, if we look at the skilled emigrants from the region, we find not only health professionals (for instance African doctors in the USA), but also workers with tertiary education in many other domains . Europe is not the preferred destination for skilled migrants from the region, with the exception of the United Kingdom which has long attracted students and skilled migrants and France for persons coming from French-speaking countries. Given that skilled migration has increased, emphasis should be laid on studying whether the educational system overproduces educated workers and, if so, why this overproduction takes place;
In addition to studying different forms of highly-skilled migration, attention is drawn to detecting the specific legal and policy-making mechanisms that facilitate or impede these patterns;
An important issue resulting from the general assessment of the economic, legal and policy-making variables at play is evidence with regard to the costs and benefits of highly-skilled migration, its extent and under which conditions and circumstances it is beneficial to both ends.

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