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Africa most affected by refugee crisis

As Germany, France and other European countries contend with an unprecedented influx of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, shocking tales of women and children drowning in the Mediterranean Sea are repeated over and over by media networks worldwide. But the distress over refugees landing in Europe has overshadowed...
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Migration facts in a post-truth world – IRIN

By Kristy Siegfried IRIN Post-Brexit and post-Donald Trump’s election, it’s hard to argue with the notion that we’re now living in a “post-truth” era in which objective facts often hold less weight than emotional appeals and “fake news” when it comes to shaping public opinion. Nowhere have post-truths gained more currency...
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IOM Iraq Emergency Tracking: 17,916 Individuals Displaced in First Two Weeks of Mosul Operations

Iraq – On Tuesday (1/11) the IOM Iraq Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) – the standard data source used to guide the humanitarian response – recorded a total of 17,916 individuals displaced by military operations that began on 17 October around the Mosul region. The total number of individuals is calculated by multiplying...
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