Concern over immigration protest in Boston, Lincolnshire


Members of migrant communities are worried a planned anti-immigration protest in Boston will attract groups with extreme views.

A static protest is due to be held in the Lincolnshire town on 18 November.

A protest march was planned in Boston last year, then cancelled when the borough council agreed to set up a task force to address concerns.

A report on population change was published as a result, but campaigners say a protest is still needed.

Beata Polanowska, editor of a monthly newspaper for Polish people living in the East Midlands, said she was surprised a protest was being held.

“I have never had the impression that the feelings towards eastern European migrants were as strong as that,” she said.

“This would be the first protest of this kind that I know of.

“I’m concerned that the protest could have wider implications; that it may be used by the right-wing organisations.

“It can breed more racial tensions and more anti-immigrant feelings.”


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2 Comments to “Concern over immigration protest in Boston, Lincolnshire”

  1. A says:

    immigration…always Eastern European stealing jobs in UK…what with immigrants from Africa, Pakistan, India and rest of Muslims countries?? it’s too racist to talk about this?? but if somebody is white can’t say nothing?!
    White Eastern Europeans have max. 2kids, black/brown more then 2..
    I’m hard working person. Never claiming benefit’s etc.
    Brit’s are too lazy and they think they should get everything for free – there is a lot of work..just Brit’s need to start working!!

  2. AJ says:

    The Boston protest today is only the beginning of our aim to take our country out of
    The hated EU. We have many hard working English people in Britain. We have no need
    For immigrants to come here to Lincolnshire and work occupiy our housing and over run our schools and hospitals.

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