Sanctuary for Nabi Mehrabi

Nabi Mehrabi is a young man originally from Afghanistan, who has been living in Wales for almost three years.

Nabi’s family sought refuge in Pakistan in 2001 following the murder of his older brother by a local ‘commander’. He was orphaned when his whole family were killed in the Pakistan earthquake of October 2005. With no one to turn to in Afghanistan and no one to care for him in Pakistan, he managed to find the money to travel to the UK with the help of a family friend.

What followed was a nine-month nightmare for a young man who was already traumatised and grieving for his family.  Treated brutally by a succession of agents, he was almost starved, forced to sleep sitting up, unable to even wash himself or change his clothes.  He describes the experience as terrifying.

When Nabi arrived in the UK in January 2007, he was still only 15 years old. The Home Office refused his claim for asylum and argued that he was over 18; a position they continued to hold despite a very clear ruling by the AIT Judge in June 2007 that he was telling the truth about his age.  Swansea Social Services subsequently assessed him as 15 and supported him on this basis.
The fact that the Home Office did not accept his age meant that Nabi was never granted Discretionary Leave to Remain in the UK, as unaccompanied minors generally are.  This now puts him at a great disadvantage as he seeks to be allowed to remain in the UK on compassionate grounds.

Nabi is a kind, thoughtful young man, who was severely traumatised by the loss of his family. A local couple were so touched by him that they tried to adopt him formally but, as he had by then reached 17, it was too late to do so. However the strong family relationship he has established with them has continued and helped him become both happier and more stable.

Despite these strong family-like connections, the Home Office now say that because he was in the UK “unlawfully” he had no right to establish a private or family life here, and that sending him back to Afghanistan would not therefore be a breach of his Human Rights.  Had he been granted Discretionary Leave to Remain as an unaccompanied minor – as he clearly should have been in line with the assessments of both the AIT Judge and Swansea Social Services – this argument would not stand.

Nabi has no close family or social connections in Afghanistan, a country where he has not lived since he was 10 years old.  His only family there is an uncle who he has had no contact with for over a year, and who has warned him not to return to Afghanistan as both his and his uncle’s lives would be at risk if he did so. The only family Nabi now has is in South Wales.  The only home he has is South Wales.

To return this fragile young man who is already suffering from Post Traumatic Stress to a war-torn country, where he knows no-one and will be unable to support himself, would be cruel in the extreme.

Those of us who know Nabi know him as a talented, sensitive young man with a great deal to offer to the UK. He works very hard at college and has learnt English to a high level. He speaks 3 other languages. He is a popular and valued volunteer with Oxfam and has integrated well into his community. He has shown, by his dedication to studying and improving himself, that he would be a great asset to the UK, particularly working in one of the caring professions, if he were allowed to remain.

How you can help:
1) Please send e-mails or faxes to the Home Secretary, Rt. Hon. Alan Johnson MP asking him to exercise his discretion in this case and allow Nabi to remain in the UK.  “Model letter” attached (Nabi Mehrabi-SSHD.doc) which you can copy or amend or use as the basis to write your own letter (please remember to include Nabi’s Home Office Reference: M1346884)

Fax: 020 8760 3132 (00 44 20 8760 3132 if you are faxing from outside UK)
“CIT – Treat Official” <>
2) Print off attached petition (NabiMehrabi-Petition.doc) and get friends and supporters to sign it.

Please return completed petitions to:
 Sanctuary for Nabi
c/o Flat 4 Brockley Court
103 St Helen’s Avenue
Swansea SA1 4NW

Keith M Ross
Sanctuary for Nabi
Swansea, South Wales

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Sanctuary for Nabi

Fourth attempt to remove, Rose-Jane & Natale

Rose Jane & baby Natlale, were snatched from their Home in Hyde, Cheshire on Sunday 1st of November. An attempt to remove them on Wednesday 4th November failed, when Rose Jane refused to fly. Mother and child are currently in Yarl’s Wood IRC, and new removal directions have been set for Thursday 12th November from London Heathrow terminal 5 on British Airways Flight BA65 @10:00 to Nairobi.

Please support the right of Rose Jane and her daughter to stay in Britain
Defend the right to work! Defend all Asylum Seekers!
Rose Jane is a Christian who comes from the Mathare district of Nairobi, Kenya, where she was a teacher. Her late husband became involved with the Mungiki sect an outlawed sect in Nairobi in late 2005 and took the Mungiki oath. Her late husband wanted her to join the sect, which would amongst other things result in her having to undergo female genital mutilation. She refused and fled, he later died. She has a daughter Natale who was born in the UK. If she is returned to Kenya she fears that her daughter and herself would be forced to go through female genital mutilation and persecution at the hands of the Mungiki.

The Home Office are aware that the Mungiki seek to impose Female Genital Mutilation and other forms of violence on women and children, this includes wives, partners, children and other female family members of those men who have taken the Mungiki oath. The Home Office also is aware that there is evidence of the Mungiki imposing political and cultural beliefs upon others. (UKBA Current Operational Guidance Note Kenya ~ September 2008)

There is evidence that the Mungiki seek to impose FGM and other forms of violence on women and children other than those who have been initiated into their sect. In particular, such women and children include the wives, partners, children and other female family members of those men who have taken the Mungiki oath. All of Kenya has Mungiki who can travel freely around it and the Mungiki following are already spread everywhere in Kenya.  Insufficient protection is available from the Kenyan authorities for such persons.
VM v SSHD (FGM-risks-Mungiki-Kikuyu/Gikuyu) Kenya CG [2008] UKAIT 00049

BBC News: Kenya’s secretive Mungiki sect

Women Asylum Seekers Together (WAST) have set up a campaign to Defend Rose Jane and her daughter

Rose-Jane has built a new life for herself and her daughter Natale, who was born in Britain and has never been to Kenya. They are now settled in Hyde, Cheshire and have lived in Britain for 3 years. Rose-Jane has been an important member of Women Asylum Seekers Together (WAST) and has supported many other women asylum seekers and others members of her community in Hyde where she is member of the church.

Please take urgent action now and help us to help get Rose-Jane and her daughter back to Hyde where she belongs.

What you can do to help:

1) Email/Phone Willie Walsh, Chief Executive Officer British Airways and urge him not to carry out the forced removal of Rose-Jane & Natale. Please use the attached Rose-JaneBA.doc. You can copy, amend or write your own version and add your address at the top – if you do please include all the following details: Please do not remove, Rose-Jane Wanjohi and her daughter Natale, due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Thursday 12th November from London Heathrow terminal 5 on British Airways Flight BA65 @10:00 to Nairobi.


Online Contact customer relations:

Customer Relations phone: 0844 493 0 787 Monday-Friday 08:00-18:30  (hold line till operator answers)
2) Email/Fax, Rt. Hon. Alan Johnson MP Secretary of State for the Home Office asking that Ms. Rosejane Wanjohi HO ref. W1119087 and daughter Natale, be granted protection in the UK. Please download “model letter” Rose-JaneAJ.doc which you can copy/amend/write your own version (if you do so, please remember to include their HO ref W1119087)

Fax: 020 8760 3132(00 44 20 8760 3132 if you are faxing from outside UK)

“CIT – Treat Official” <>
Please notify the campaign of any Email/faxes sent:
Rose Jane and her daughter Must Stay Campaign
Women’s EVH
ADA House
77 Thompson Street
M4 5FY

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Rose Jane and her daughter Must Stay Campaign



Dado Manneh Barrow is from the Gambia, but has been in the UK almost 15 years. She is currently detained in Yarl’s Wood and is due to be forcibly deported from the UK on Tuesday 13th October on Flight VIK321C at 09:30 to Banjul.

Dado has lived in the UK since 1994. All of her family except her husband live here. Her father has British citizenship and her two brothers have indefinite leave to remain. Her sisters, aunts and nieces are also all in the UK. An attempt was made deport her on Tuesday the 6th of October which failed, as her panic caused the pilot to refuse to fly her.

Her husband also sought asylum in the UK but was not successful and was deported to the Gambia earlier this year, but had to flee to Senegal because of his known opposition to the Regime, which came to power in a coup d’etat. Her asylum claim is based on her connections with him and that she has spoken out against the government. The Home Office have argued that deportation to the Gambia would not be a breach of her right to family life as she would be there with her husband, ignoring that her husband has fled and there is now no one she knows in the Gambia, a country she hasn’t been to in 14 and a half years. As a lone Muslim woman, this is a terrifying prospect.
Dado has invested much money in IVF treatment here. She has a medical condition for which she is awaiting an operation. If she is deported her investments in the treatment will have been to no avail and she will be denied her wish to conceive.
Although Dado admits breaching immigration law by obtaining a false passport and working, for which she has completed her prison sentence, in all other respects she is a model citizen. She has paid tax and never relied on state benefits. She has proved herself to be a good employee by retaining her job as manager of a restaurant for many years in the UK. She was recently named employee of the year for her work in Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre where she has been held for 21 months.

Dado has the support of MP Edward Davey who has said that the European Convention on Human Rights may be breached by her deportation and has urged that she should remain in this country for the sake of her family, her health and because she has nothing in Gambia. Her solicitor is pursing this in the European Court of Human Rights.

What you can do to help:
1) Fax/Phone/Email, Viking Airways and urge them not to carry out the forced deportation of Dado Manneh Barrow – you can use the model fax
DadoMannehBarrowVA.doc attached. You can copy, amend or write your own version – if you do please quote ‘Dado Manneh Barrow due to be forcibly deported from the UK on Tuesday 13th October on Flight VIK321C at 09:30 to Banjul’.

Fax: 01293 555 512 (Mark ‘for the attention of the general manager or CEO’)

Phone: 08717 378 155 (ask to speak to the general manager or CEO)

Email: Customer Complaints

2) Please send urgent faxes/Emails immediately to Rt. Hon. Alan Johnson, Secretary of State for the Home Office. Model letter DadoMannehBarrowAJ.doc attached which you can copy/amend/write your own version; if you do so, please remember to include the HO Ref number: B1165236/5.


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