Crime and Security Bill Passed Despite Concerns.


The Bill Contains-

– a new DNA retention regime to hold the DNA profiles of convicted offenders indefinitely and keep the DNA profiles of those who are arrested but not convicted of a recordable offence for a fixed amount of time;

– powers for police to retrospectively take DNA samples from violent and sexual offenders returning to the UK following conviction overseas, and to collect DNA from such convicted offenders who are no longer in prison;

– a mandatory parenting needs assessment when young people aged ten to 15 are being considered for an antisocial behaviour order (ASBO) and parenting orders where they have breached their ASBOs;

– powers for police and local authorities to apply to a county court for an injunction against young people over 14 to prevent gang related violence, for example prevent a gang member from meeting other named gang members or going into a particular ‘territory’;

– domestic violence protection orders requiring an alleged domestic violence perpetrator to leave the home for a fixed period of time;

– a licensing scheme for wheel clamping companies and an independent appeals process for motorists who feel they have been wrongly clamped;

– financial compensation for British citizens who have been injured or bereaved by a terrorist attack overseas;

– powers for licensing authorities to make an order restricting the sale or supply of alcohol between the hours of 3am and 6am;

– reduced amounts of information that police must collect when stopping and searching an individual;

– powers for police to search individuals subject to control orders and to seize items of concern where appropriate;

– a new offence of possession of an unauthorised mobile phone or other electronic communications device in prison; and

– a new offence of failing to prevent minors from having access to air weapons.

The full Crime and Security Act can be viewed at

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