Crisis of Leadership and Conflict Resolution in Africa.


By  Austin Aneke

About five African leaders including the foreign Minister of Uganda representing the life President of Uganda – Yeweri Museveni (who has been in office for decades) flew into Tripoli from Mauritania, armed with ideas to resolve the current Libyan turmoil. Just as expected they spectacularly failed. The inherent contradiction in who they are and the conflict they dishonestly hoped to resolve is so alarming; success would have been a miracle.

Their road map “was a five point plan which called for ceasefire and the protection of civilians, alongside the provision of humanitarian AIDS for Libyans and foreign workers in the country. The dialogue also included transitional period and political reforms which meet the aspiration of the Libyan people”. This was the vaguely phrased road map naturally acceptable to the powers in Tripoli because it clearly aimed to keep them in power but a huge ‘NO DEAL’ by the people’s council in Benghazi.
This much advertised mission was bound to fail, because not only that the package was hollow as usual; the background of the source of the road map enjoys everything but credibility. More than two thirds of all world dictatorships and brutal leaders since 1970 are located in the continent of Africa.

Most African leaderships today are products of rigged elections, coup d’état, violence, brutality, anarchy and life presidency just like Ghadafi.
The former Organization of African Unity as AU was formerly known fought tirelessly against apartheid, and colonial rule. It succeeded. But it also successfully replaced the twin evil with different versions and species of oppression and tyranny. These are the sources of the failed mission to Tripoli. Tyranny and oppression cannot cancel out tyranny and oppression.

They had failed in all previous attempts including Somalia and most recently Ivory Coast. The source of the resolution of conflicts caused by the oppression of African people by their rulers must always be the resilience and

Austin Aneke

resistance of the masses in the respective countries. It will always be by non violent or violent means but must always emanate from the oppressed masses, and not discredited leaders dotting African countries.

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