Desperate Injustices of the UK Border Agency.


By Austin Aneke

The UK immigration system is manifest and infested with clear injustices that could be regarded as desperate in the least. In 2006 the Home office brought drastic changes to the now deleted Highly Skilled Migrant Program – changes that made it virtually impossible for participants who were already in the program to be able to even renew their membership of the program on expiration of their stay. The changes also changed the qualifying period for indefinite Leave to Remain for HSMP participants from 4 to 5 years.  The HSMP Forum fought against these injustices in the High Courts and won. The retrospective applications of the changes were declared unlawful in two separate Judicial Reviews. The UKBA made minor amendments in the immigration history of the victims of these changes. These remedies were everything but far reaching and poor immigrants were left to lick their wounds.

The UKBA maintains immigration detention centres in various parts of Uk. These centres have been dubbed dungeons where migrants are notoriously caged indefinitely. There have been riots in some of these centers with Yarl’s Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire the most annoying and notorious. Recently women as old as 60+ went on hunger strike in the center over circumstances of their deportation and/or removal procedures. The inmates of these centers are being treated as if guilty before trial, a principle that runs contrary to the rule of innocence before proven guilty. The inmates of these prisons are virtually in prison and are treated as such. The government should re-appraise her use of these centers and come up with better processes of dealing with suspected illegal immigrants. These centers include Campsfield House, Brooke House, Colnbrook, Dover,  Lindholm,  Oakington, Tinsley House, and the notorious Yarl’s Wood.

The UK immigration managers have deleted the rights of student visa applicants to appeal against any refusal of student visa in Consulates/Embassies or High commissions in different countries. Applicants can only re-apply and pay more fees rather than appealing against refusal in Tribunals in UK.

As European Union expands into 27 member nations, and citizens of these nations gain express right of entry into member states; the only victims of these injustices are citizens of the Commonwealth. They are the escape goats of the terrible ill immigration winds blowing across Europe. It is sad because they have always been co-builders of Western European countries since the 2nd world war. The desperation of the original EU countries breeds injustices as enumerated above; and victims deserve proper remedy.

Austin Aneke

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