Determinants of Migrant Destinations.


By Austin Aneke
Asian and African immigrants most times target European countries as their destinations. Nevertheless the tight and difficult immigration rules and procedures of their target countries create a two tier travel formula for these migrants to reach their destinations. They are the normal legal tier and the tortures illegal route to reach Europe. Those who believe in the tier one route approach the embassies and High Commissions, to attempt to satisfy their rigorous and ever changing rules. The other group trudges their way with or without documentation, by road, air, rail, and Sea, bypassing the Embassies and High Commissions to reach their targets.
I decided to write this because recent reports indicate that a large number of them do not know their target destinations as they commence their journeys. I consider this watery and unfounded. The premise here is that they do know their target countries, but their destinations are in stages depending on their routes. Those migrants who travel by land can take about 6months to 1year to arrive at their ultimate destinations, but these final destinations are never in doubt in their minds.
The question is -what determines their ultimate destination country? The answer is guided by colonial experience, language, and existence of relations already living in the target countries. In other words most immigrants from French speaking West African countries will most likely target to reach France, Switzerland or Belgium, and those from English speaking West African countries will ultimately want to reach United Kingdom. It is clearly evident that they can settle and integrate faster if they can speak the language of their host countries, and if they already have relations on ground to guide and support them. They will simply and naturally have better cushioned landing if relations are already waiting. The important point here is that they do not target any country because of their Benefit system.
The difficulty here is that Asylum Seekers (which they become most times) are expected to claim asylum in their first country of call, but most times these countries are merely on their way and are not by any indication their ultimate target country. This is why the Calais illegal immigration camp keeps re-emerging after numerous attempts to close it down by British and French governments. Users of Cailais camp are mostly asylum seekers from countries colonized by Britain. Their relations are already in Britain; they speak English, so Britain naturally becomes their target. I challenge the French and British governments to present a single CAILAIS inmate from a French speaking country. It will be difficult if not impossible for these raw and poor migrants to humanly settle in Britain as non English language speakers. What really happens is that if they (French speaking asylum seekers) are so in love with Britain, they settle in France, secure a citizenship and walk majestically down to Uk without fear or hindrance, under EU law. Migrants are not ignorant. Most of them know what they want, and also the most reasonable way to get it.

Austin Aneke

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