Dictatorship and War- Hindrance to Development in Africa




By Austin Aneke

The stealing of the proceeds of selling commodities in less technologically developed nations generates two consequences. They are; dictatorship and war. The scramble, contest, and greed to steal the available resources create an intra-class war. First the leading personality among the ruling elite always decides to subdue others in order to have full access and control of the available resources. The usual procedure is to align himself with the military, creating a monster clique or an omniscience squad. They become all knowing and decide to exclude others in decision making.

They engage in every thing but frugality, and canoodle with reckless vanity. Though they sound and seem to engage in religiosity, they disregard verses that warn of the consequences of ominous vanity. When they visit other heads of state abroad, they arrive in the best of cars and four wheel drives, even though their countries cannot boast of the least modicum of automotive technology. Their behaviour generally posits a roll call of indiscipline and arrogance. Their indiscretion including that of their families is simply not Godly, and that suits their ungodly dispositions. They are a prepossessing site, though only made possible by their preposterous stealing spree. They now travel abroad, most times to technologically developed countries for health checks, thinking it is prestigious to do so. Most times they die abroad in well equipped hospitals, of their host countries. Save for their corrupt enrichment, their own nations would have had better equipped hospitals, though with foreign produced equipments. This would   have benefitted their poor citizens.   Suddenly they become an institution of their own with a dictator clearly in-charge.

The other route to dictatorship in developing countries is that movement from army Corporal, Sergeant, Colonel or General, to Head of state. The major and sometimes singular reason always given by the military for planning a coup de tat is corruption on the part of the ruling elite. Always armed with this reason they strike and overthrow the corrupt regime of the day, and create their own monster squad.

No matter how these dictators emerge, their aim is always to remain in power forever, while stealing and squandering their country’s treasury. Most time the leaders of these cliques do not come from dispersed ethnic make up of the nation. This generates another excuse or discontent for the ethnic group that feels left behind, exploited, discriminated against or disregarded, in the stealing spree. These may not be feelings that are popular with the people of the ethnic group in question, but one generated and publicised with poisonous emotion by the leading class of the ethnic group outclassed by the big boys ruling the country. The result is organised rebellion which in most cases leads to war between the ethnic group and the rest of the country. The country degenerates into a point of near no return, with disease and squalor having a field day. The development of home technology becomes a non-issue and the importation of arms and other weapons becomes a priority. Most of the citizens are on the run flooding their neighbouring nations or find their way to developed nations, as refugees.

It is important to state that sometimes the dictators are able to keep their nations intact with force, warding off any descent with brutality, and by instilling fear on the people or sections of the society, including their class colleagues. Nevertheless, as the beat goes on, and many years pass by, the dictators become monstrous rulers for life; more estranged from the rest of the society and become living deities to be revered and worshiped. Because they are now seen as life Presidents/leaders whose positions are not to be threatened or seen to be challenged in any way, there are no lieutenant, Deputy, Assistant or Vice, hence a vacuum is created as to the replacement of the main dictator at death. The very long spell of their governance, coupled with the vacuum, constitutes the necessary and sufficient conditions for anarchy and war at their death. This process has repeated itself over and over again. The important point is that as the situation worsens proper development of the nation through supporting the development of proper technology is no more in the agenda. The stealing continues, conflict takes over and democracy is postponed indefinitely. Masses in developing countries deserve good governance. In other words they deserve governments that are accountable, consensus oriented, participatory, transparent, responsive, and efficient, equitable, inclusive and adheres to the rule of law.

Austin Aneke

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