EU BOSS- Juncker admits that the EU is too meddling


Jean-Claude Juncker yesterday made some astonishing admissions, stating that the EU too often meddles in the business of individual member states. He acknowledged that ‘we are no longer respected in our countries when we emphasise the need to give priority to the EU’, before going on to say that the EU is ‘losing economic clout in a very visible way’. In an admission of defeat, he concluded that he couldn’t ‘go any further’ to try to reduce the level of spending by the EU institutions.

eu bossWhen even the President of the European Commission admits the EU isn’t working, we know that it’s time to take back control. Every week the British taxpayer sends £350 million to the EU, and by Juncker’s own admission this will only rise and rise. After we Vote Leave on 23 June, we can spend this money on our priorities, instead of handing it over to an ever-growing and inefficient Brussels bureaucracy.

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