EU Referendum- NHS under threat inside the EU


Vote Leave research has revealed that our inability to control the number of people entering the UK is having a severe impact on our NHS. Net migration from the EU has risen substantially over the last decade, with 1.1 million people added to the UK population – the equivalent of a city the size of Birmingham. This has put extra pressure on GP registrations, A&E units and hospital waiting times. As the Employment Minister Priti Patel pointed out in the Sun on Sunday this weekend, the number of people going to A&E has increased by 60% since 2002, while those waiting for more than four hours to be treated rose 228%.

Uncontrolled migration has also put the NHS under financial pressure, with births to mothers from other EU countries costing the NHS £1.3 billion over the past 10 years. Indeed, ‘rising demand’ for NHS services is one of the principal reasons identified by regulators for the NHS’s forecast £2.4 billion deficit this year.

EU law is also threatening the safety of patients in the UK. Brussels requires the UK automatically to recognise the qualifications of doctors trained in other EU member states. This is despite the fact that the level of training of doctors throughout the EU varies greatly. The General Medical Council has raised concerns over this, especially as more than one in ten doctors working in the UK gained their initial qualification in the EU. On top of this, systematic checks on whether EU doctors can speak English remain illegal under EU law.

After we Vote Leave, we can take back control of our borders so our NHS does not suffer under the weight of pressure of its users. We can help protect the safety of patients, and spend the £350 million we send to Brussels every week on our priorities like the NHS. The only way to do this is to Vote Leave on 23 June.

Steel industry in danger under EU rules

Our steel industry is in crisis. Unfortunately, there is little we can do about it whilst we remain in the EU. The Government claimed at the weekend that it would encourage the public sector to buy UK steel – but under EU law this is illegal. The Government has made clear that it opposes the EU’s damaging public procurement rules, but the Prime Minister’s renegotiation has done nothing to change them.

We have handed over control of our trade policy to the EU. This means that our Government is impotent to save our steel industry. Any attempts to do so will be shut down by EU judges. The only way to take back control so we can support our vital industries is to Vote Leave on 23 June.

Sol signs for Vote Leave

The former England international Sol Campbell believes English football will benefit if we Vote Leave. He argues that free movement is allowing clubs to take on mediocre overseas players, crowding out young English and British talent. You can read his full article in the Mail on Sunday here. Please also follow @Football4Brit – tackling all the In Campaign myths about football and the EU.

sol cambel

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