Examining if immigration is an issue for EU election voters


Mention the EU to anyone and it’s only a matter of time before the subject of immigration comes up.

Even in Wales, where levels are lower than in parts of England, it’s an issue which gets people talking.

Benefits for EU Entrants (Romania and Bulgaria) a headache for UK Government

Benefits for EU Entrants (Romania and Bulgaria) a headache for UK Government

As we approach the European elections it has become a central part of the campaign.

Immigration is something I’ve experienced first hand.

My father’s family came to the Cynon Valley around a hundred years ago from a rural part of northern Italy to try to better themselves in the industrial communities of south Wales.

The big difference then was that the valleys were thriving because of coal.

Obviously people think we are coming to take their jobs. But we are not coming here to take anything from people”

Sergio Vieira
Now it’s a very different story. The pits have gone and so have the jobs.

And yet some things are still the same, work is available in parts of the country in hospitality and food production, and the prospects are better here than in countries like Portugal and Poland.

The question is whether the relative lack of well-paid employment in Wales is causing tensions that weren’t there before.

There are a few generations separating us, but I’ve been to meet one of the new wave of immigrants.

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His name is Sergio Vieira, a 34 year old Portuguese worker in the food industry, who has been living in Merthyr Tydfil for nearly a decade.

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