Global Warming; A fraud!



Austin Aneke

The debate on global warming received a truthful but unpopular contribution from Kelvin Mackenzie in the Sun newspaper in Uk, yesterday 28th January. According to him ‘the whole thing is a scam. A fraud. A swindle. A decepion. A sting. A conspiracy and a  cheat’. I have written previously on global warming, and Kelvin’s position wears my view like well cut armani Suit, hence this posting.
The position of the pro warming argument has not been helped by recent discovery that some data on climate change not favourable to their position have been suppressed. Researchers manipulated and suppressed data which do not agree with their view/notion of climate change. In other words scientists are overstating the threat of man made global warming. This sounds like systemic conspiracy made up of collusion in exaggerating data, destruction of embarrassing information, resistance to disclosures, manipulation of data, and private admission of flaws in public claims. This typifies the con, craftiness and hypocrisy that underlie, underlay, and underline, life and politics in the northern hemisphere.
Climate change campaigners have created a new form of hooliganism- Climate change hooliganism. They have become all knowing, convinced and steadfast that the world is warming and that we will all die if nothing is done to change the way we live. They are so sure about their own side of the argument that they are not ready to entertain opposition scientists. They are almost acting like the little violent and aggressive juntas- the animal rights groups. The entire scenario is like the oppression and victimization of Copernicus and Galileo by the Catholic Church over their opposition of the church’s stand that the earth was stationary and that the sun revolves round it. The church so believed that the world was not round that they persecuted all descending opinions. They(Galileo & co) as we all know now were eventually found and proved to be correct-the earth is round and revolves round the Sun and not vice versa.

Austin Aneke

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