Gove: The deal is not ‘legally binding’


The Prime Minister claims that his hollow deal is ‘legally binding and irreversible’. However, in a hugely significant intervention, Secretary of State for Justice Michael Gove explained that the PM’s deal is not legally binding. The European Court is under no obligation to follow it and after we vote we will not be able to do anything to change this.

Michael Gove Interview
Mr Gove – the man in charge of the UK’s legal system – was backed up by some of the UK’s leading lawyers. Lord Pannick QC, an expert in constitutional law, said the deal ‘would have no binding effect in our courts or in the Court of Justice of the EU’. This was echoed by Marina Wheeler QC, a leading human rights lawyer, who explained that if the European Court of Justice finds any part of the deal to be incompatible with EU law, it can strike the agreement down.

The Prime Minister’s deal is 99 per cent the same as the existing EU Treaties and – as Justice Minister Dominic Raab told BBC News – EU judges can ignore it. The deal doesn’t solve a single important problem, may not ever be turned into a legally binding Treaty, and cannot be relied upon. The only way to take back control is to Vote Leave. Read full details on the deal here.

Mr Gove also explained how Britain will be better off after we Vote Leave, how we will be able to spend our money on our priorities, how we will be able toincrease our international influence and work for more international co-operation. ‘Project Hope’ from Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, and Vote Leave (click here for more)  – meanwhile…


… Project Fear from Downing Street

Number 10 is in panic mode. They know they have misjudged how the negotiation would be seen and have lost control of the Conservative Party. The renegotiation has flopped with the public and the deal carries no more legal weight than an unsigned contract. Downing Street is turning to Project Fear to scare people. It’s all they’ve got.

On Tuesday, Number 10 organised a letter from businesses arguing that we should remain in the EU. Although last week it had been reported that 80 FTSE 100 businesses would put their signature to the letter, it turned out that only 36 backed the PM.

These big businesses are in the hands of Brussels regulators and have spent millions lobbying EU politicians to get the rules made in their favour. They have also received huge grants from Brussels, so it is no surprise they want to stay in the EU. They also said ‘Britain should join the euro’, until it was clear that battle was over when they then started saying the opposite.

What BP spent on EU lobbying - Banner
EU rules are fixed in favour of big corporations and crush competition from small businesses. Following the publication of the letter, a number of Business for Britain supporters spoke out against the EU, saying it doesn’t support small and medium-sized businesses or entrepreneurs. Nigel Baxter appeared on the BBC News Channel to discuss why SMEs need to take back control, Dr Peter Chadha spoke on Daily Politics on why the UK should have the power to negotiate its own trade deals, and Simon Boyd explained how the EU makes his business less competitive. It was telling that no representatives from FTSE 100 companies appeared on TV to voice their support for the EU.

Number 10 then wheeled out a number of army chiefs and generals who claimed that the UK was safer inside the EU. It turned out some had been put on ‘by mistake’. General Sir Michael Rose, former commander of the SAS, was wrongly put on the list and later said: ‘I happen to believe sovereignty and security are intrinsically linked and in recent years we’ve seen the EU erode our sovereignty’. The Telegraph also reported that two former Chiefs of Defence Staff, Field Marshal Lord Walker and General Lord Richards of Herstmonceux, declined to sign the letter – as did General Sir Peter Wall who is on the board of the BSE [Britain Stronger in Europe] campaign.


The fact is that being part of the EU weakens our national security. Former captain in the Grenadier Guards and Conservative MP Andrew Holloway wrote in the Daily Mirror that our membership of the EU makes us less safe. He stated that the European Union makes it harder to secure our borders, keep our streets safe and keep hostile foreign powers at bay. The former soldier believes that a fundamental part of our security is having control over who can enter the UK, and that our EU membership means our ‘borders are undermined’.


More senior figures back Vote Leave

On Thursday, the former Labour Foreign Secretary David Owen announced that he will Vote Leave. Importantly, he said it is the safer choice to Vote Leave – economically, politically, militarily and socially – rather than remain in a ‘dysfunctional’ EU. Lord Owen noted that the Prime Minister’s deal has done nothing to stop EU law being supreme in the UK, and that leaving the EU ‘could be the spark we need to re-energise our nation’.

The following day, the former Home Secretary and Leader of the Conservative Party Michael Howard wrote in the Telegraph that he will Vote Leave as the EU has shown itself to be incapable of reform. This is a noteworthy intervention, as Lord Howard is widely seen as being David Cameron’s mentor during his early career. He made clear that he believes the UK can thrive outside the EU as we are the fifth largest economy in the world and the most important military power in Europe.

Having seen the extent of the PM’s hollow deal, politicians and businesspeople from across the political spectrum are coming out to support a ‘Leave’ vote. We look forward to many more people from all walks of life joining our campaign.


Priti Patel: Vote Leave, take back control of trade, increase our international influence

Priti Patel, one of the Cabinet members supporting Vote Leave, has this week called on the UK to strengthen its ties with countries outside the EU. Ms Pateladdressed the British Bangladesh Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs about why women should take a leading role in the debate on the UK’s future in the EU. The Employment Minister wants the UK to take back control of negotiating trade deals, and to create a fairer immigration system.

Freedom of movement within the EU has put huge pressure on our schools, hospitals and housing. In an attempt to ease this strain, our politicians have tried to limit the number of migrants from coming outside the EU. This means that we are turning away skilled workers from around the world who could contribute to this country just because they weren’t born in the EU.

Whilst we remain members of the EU, we cannot control the number of EU migrants coming to the UK. Figures released this week reveal that net migration from the EU was 172,000 in the year ending September 2015. This is the equivalent of adding a city larger than the size of Norwich to the UK population in just 12 months. The EU accounted for more than half of overall net migration into the UK, which was 323,000 – more than three times David Cameron’s target.

These figures are unsustainable and our immigration policy is inhumane and irrational. The Prime Minister’s deal will do nothing to reduce the level of immigration from the EU. It leaves unelected politicians in Brussels and judges from the EU Court in control of our borders. The Charter of Fundamental Rights means the European Court can take control of almost anything it wants. If we Vote Leave, we can take back control of our borders and immigration policy, and welcome in the brightest and the best from around the world.

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