Granting of Settlement to Non-European Migrants in UK-2011


In 2011, there were 166,878 grants of settlement to non-European migrants, a decrease of 31% from 241,192 in 2010.
Settlements in 2005-2009 averaged 156,428 per annum, increasing from 125,645 p.a. in the previous five-year period and 68,570 p.a. from 1995-1999.
In 2011, 42% of settlements were granted on the basis of employment and residency (including dependents of labour migrants), 32% were granted on the basis of family formation and reunification, 18% were granted for “other discretionary reasons”, many of which are linked to a backlog of asylum cases, and and 8% were granted on the basis of asylum.
In 2011, among migrants granted settlement the most common countries of citizenship were India (19% of all settlements) and Pakistan (9%).
At least 87% of settlements on the basis of marriage in 2011 were granted to spouses of British citizens.

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