Hung Parliament.


By Austin Aneke

It is official; the people have spoken through their votes, and it is a Hung Parliament. This means that no party won overall majority of 326 seats. If any party had 326 seats, it would have meant that it had more seats more than the rest of the other parties put together (overall majority).
In the circumstances the ruling party (labour) has the ace card. Conventionally they should attempt to form a coalition with other parties especially the Liberal democrats. This was what Ted Heath did in 1974, though he failed, and Harold Wilson formed minority government.
Nevertheless, in this election (2010) the Conservatives won only one seat in the entire Scotland, but won about 90+ more seats in England. On the other hand labour’s situation in Scotland improved dramatically compared to the situation in 2005.
The election results show that British people voted 53% for centre left politics and about 36% for right wing politics. Labour should come together with the Liberal Democrats to form a government. The sooner they can achieve this, the better for the country.

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