Hypocricy of Reactions to the New Mexico Oil Spillage.


The BP offshore rig in New Mexico caught fire and collapsed. As a result massive oil spillage has engulfed the entire area, and presently spanning about four states in US, including Florida. Obama flew to the area and held BP liable. BP must clear the mess and/or pay for the costs of doing so. Florida government is threatening a court action against BP, and California Governor has withdrawn support for an offshore oil exploration in his territory.

The world media is beaming all this life and the terrible consequences of the spillage are being highlighted- shrimps are dying, Tilapia colonies are collapsing, Seals are dying and most importantly the livelihood of fishermen in the affected areas is being threatened. It is western world: it is USA that has been affected, so the world and Time should STOP; come to a standstill.

Wait a minute- How about the oil delta region of Nigeria. They have been crying for help for more than half a century. The activities of western multinationals have decimated the lives of the local people. There is constantly oil spillage and fishing is a profession of the past. Research findings of the impact of oil exploration in the Delta areas of Nigeria have adorned library shelves of Nigeria Universities for the past forty years. Still no one is doing anything tangible about it. There has been gas flaring in the delta areas for more than three decades reducing the life span of the people living in the area. The culprits are and have always been SHEL, BP, SHEVRON, TOTAL, ELF etc – all western oil firms. The powerful western Medias have said nothing. The powerful western countries have done nothing. They will rather even defend their multinationals than listen to the cry for help by local victims.  Their Response to the conflict in the Delta areas of Nigeria was to provide more weapons for the Nigeria government to help crush their revolts, to keep the stability of oil price.

What a hypocritical world we live. Selfish to the core and abominable to say the least. Can the world do something about this? Enough of this nonsense.

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