Immigration laws criminalise foreign nationals


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The effect of immigration laws is to potentially criminalise all foreign nationals. It does not matter if they have committed any criminal offence or not. The Immigration Act 1971; Immigration and Asylum Act 1999; Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002; UK Borders Act 2007 authorises detention even where there has been no offence, no charge, no prosecution, no court intervention

Thousands of person seeking/refused asylum/overstayers/persons ‘Sans Papiers’ are currently being kept in immigration prisons (AKA Immigration Removal Centres) throughout the UK. They haven’t committed a crime, but they can be imprisoned indefinitely. Many of the people detained have experienced torture, and their trauma is exacerbated by being detained. Seven of the IRCs are operated for profit by private companies.

36 people have been in immigration detention for more than two years, 72 more than 18 months, 128 more than one year.

Protests are being held at Pennine House STHC in Manchester, and Yarl’s Wood IRC in Bedfordshire, called by Manchester No Borders, London No Borders, and other groups.

In Edinburgh there will be a picket of G4S who manage, Oakington, Dungavel, Tinsley House IRC’s, and are the main escort providers for moving immigration detainees around and out of the UK, and make massive profits in the process.

For full details/directions for Yarl’s Wood go to:

For full details/directions for Pennine House STHC go to:

For full details/directions for Picket G4S Edinburgh go to:

No One is Illegal – The World Belongs to Everyone

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London No Borders
Manchester No Borders
Indymedia Scotland

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