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Nick Clegg to announce timetable for ending child detentions
Tonight Clegg will promise a timetable before Christmas for ending the practice, but he will say he is unable to announce a final deadline as the policy is wending its way through the cabinet home affairs committee.

He is also said to be limited by the pace of working out humane alternatives to locking up families with children who are liable for removal. A pilot scheme experimenting with means of deporting families with children that do not involve detention does not finish until the end of the year and Clegg is under pressure from the UK Border Agency to prove he has other methods for such deportations., Wednesday 1 December 2010
Asylum Seekers [ Glasgow] Pete Wishart: Does the Minister even start to understand and appreciate the outrage that exists in Scotland about the treatment of asylum seekers? This is not just about the Glasgow situation, appalling though that is; it is also about the detention of children and the operation of the section 4 card. Will he get down to the UKBA to explain that we look at these issues very differently in Scotland and we expect the UKBA to act accordingly?

David Mundell: I do recognise that there are concerns in Scotland about how the matter in Glasgow was handled, and the Immigration Minister accepts that the correspondence with those affected could have been much better handled. I am sure that the hon. Gentleman will welcome, as I do, the inquiry that the Scottish Affairs Committee is conducting into relations in Scotland with UKBA.
House of Commons / 1 Dec 2010 : Column 802
EDM 1117: Treatment Of Christians In Iraq
That this House is deeply concerned by the mass exodus of Iraqi Christians, which has decimated much of Iraq’s ancient Assyrian-Chaldean community; notes that the Assyrian-Chaldeans make up over 95 per cent. of Iraq’s Christians and that this exodus has largely been caused by escalating violence against Christians from fanatical extremists, including the bombing of churches and the assassination of Iraqi Christians; further notes that there has been illegal expropriation of Assyrian-Chaldean land and villages in Dohuk province and Erbil province in northern Iraq; recognises that Iraqi Christians are a major force for moderation, who can act as a significant buffer against the spread of extremism in Iraq; calls on the British and Iraqi governments urgently to encourage and support the creation of a self-governing province in Iraq for the Assyrian-Chaldeans, which is linked to the central government in Baghdad, situated in the Nineveh Plain and consists of the Tel Kaif, Al-Hamdaniya and Al-Shikhan districts and is governed by the Assyrian-Chaldeans and other ethnic groups living in the area, as these lands form part of the ancestral homeland of the Assyrian-Chaldeans and are still heavily populated by them; and urges the UK and Iraqi governments to support financially the reconstruction of the region, to end the political marginalisation of the democratically elected Assyrian-Chaldean representatives in Iraq, to assist the Assyrian-Chaldeans in reclaiming their land and villages in the Dohuk and Erbil provinces, and to financially support internally displaced Assyrian-Chaldeans and the return and settlement of Assyrian-Chaldean refugees.
Tabled by Edward Leigh, Wednesday 1st December
EDM 1118: Killing Of Christians In Mosul
That this House is deeply concerned by the targeted assassinations of Christians in Mosul, northern Iraq, in September and October 2008, which killed at least 14 Iraqi Christians and displaced over 2,000 families from that city; notes that a Washington Times news report dated 26 October 2008 stated that on 17 October 2008 Iraqi security forces arrested six men in connection with the killings of Christians in Mosul and found that four of them had links with Kurdish Regional Government militia, not al-Qaeda; further notes that the Kurdish Regional Government and its militia are dominated by the Kurdistan Democratic Party and that on 29 October 2008, Gulf News reported that investigations had been completed, and proved the involvement of Kurdish militias in the displacement and killing of Christians, a claim which was re-stated by Iraq’s Prime Minister at that time, Nouri Al Maliki, during a discussion with Iraqi lawmakers, according to Osama Al Nojaifi, a deputy in the Iraqi parliament; and, in view of such serious and widespread allegations, urges the Government to press the Iraqi government to investigate fully these allegations and publicly announce all the investigation’s conclusions.
Tabled by Edward Leigh, Wednesday 1st December

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