Labour starts Formal Negotiations with the Liberal Democrats.


By Austin Aneke

British people spoke with their votes on May 6. The results look like this – 10.7 million (36%) of votes for the Conservatives;  8.6 million (29%) of votes  for Labour; and 6.8 million (23%) of votes for the king makers – Liberal Democrats. As it were the Liberal Democrats decided, first to talk to the Conservatives because according to them they scored the highest number of votes (10.7million).

Negotiations started in earnest with both party representatives   criss- crossing and jugging up and down the most elegant and intimidating buildings in Whitehall. One of them is called Politicus building. From all indication nothing, I repeat nothing positive has come out from the negotiations after 72 hours.

According to the PM the Liberal Democrats now decided to commence formal negotiations with Labour. He also announced that he would step down as Labour leader in the autumn. This is a welcome decision. After all labour and the Liberal Democrats are closer. They share similar philosophy and a lot of things in common. Both are centre left parties and both scored about 17 million votes as against Conservatives’ 10.6 million votes.

A lot of people have been questioning why a centre left party like Liberal Democrats are propping up the Conservative party. It is/was a negotiation for a coalition of the unwilling and is/was doomed to fail. The game is called Politics – the struggle for power. As the beat goes on we await further developments.

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