Labour’s mixed messages on immigration


Immigration Concerns

Immigration Concerns

It is sad that “Progressive Labour” now chooses to blame the immigrant for its problems (Come on, Labour, be brave on immigration for once, 8 March). In this, at least, the world has not changed much. When Enoch Powell made his “rivers of blood” speech, the London dockers marched in support. The Labour party then was too frightened to take on this working-class voice. This cowardice did not help us retain power in 1970.

Another recession and again the foreigner is blamed. Will it work this time? The boom in western economies between 1992 and 2007 was a benevolent outcome of globalisation in which all gained, and in the wake of its collapse, through no fault of immigrants, all have to reckon the cost. Labour may ask if its chancellor did not abandon prudence and marry profligacy after 2005.


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1 Comments to “Labour’s mixed messages on immigration”

  1. lonely husband says:

    Poor old immigrant, always the convenient scapegoat, the whipping boy, with no voice to answer back.

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