Lets Go To It- Brown.


by Austin Aneke

May 6 is election day in UK. The world had awaited this annoucement since Blair handed over to Brown about three years ago. And yesterday with Her Majesty’s approval, Brown decleared let’s go to it. He made his speech on the front door of NO 10 Downing street, and Mr Cameron adopted Obama type outing at the Town Hall. Meanwhile he (Cameron) has been warned to stop making silly boring speeches by no other than his son (Evening Standard).

As we await full details of their immigration policies, we alraedy know Mr Cameron wants to adopt a quota system on who comes to UK,  and Labour would rather use the points based system. The truth is that both parties are now competing with BNP in race for harsher immigration policies. The victims are non-Eu Migrants who have no rights under EU or UK law to just stroll into this Island. Majority of non-EU in question are Commonwealth citizens who have sufferd and worked hard in Uk and outside Uk for the benefit of UK over centuries. They have suddenly become victims of harsh policies and at present, make deportation statistics in UK.

Who will protect commonwealth citizens? Uk should protect the people she had exploited and enslaved over centuries. Accession of Eastern European countries into EU is no escuse for brutal immigration policies that harm commonwealth citizens. They need a little bit of humanism at this time. Unfortunately the race for power is running precedent over any other item.

We at Uk Immigrant Magazine wish and pray that who ever wins next election will give greater protection and recognition of  Commonwealth citizens regarding  immigration. It is only just and reasonable that they do so.

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