Migration confusion is costing Britain dear


On Thursday, MPs Frank Field and Nicholas Soames will lead a parliamentary debate, prompted by an e-petition sponsored by the pressure group Migration Watch. It expresses deep concern that, despite very strong public opposition to “mass immigration”, the population of the UK is expected to reach 70 million within 20 years, two-thirds of the increase due to migration. Undoubtedly, Thursday’s “No to 70 million” debate will be marked by some clarity but also a great deal of confusion, contradiction and the employment of similar sets of statistics robustly interpreted to serve opposing sides of the argument.


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  1. John says:

    The issue is not simply that the UK is overcrowded and has an immigration rate higher than that of the USA in the nineteenth century. The real issue is that 70 million people are unsustainable on this small island. (See ONS Predicted Population of the UK).

    The argument that immigration is a net benefit to the UK economy is also racist. Suppose a a family comes to the UK in a prosperous time and merges with the population. What has been achieved in the long run? One more family. The GDP per head of the UK will not change. To argue that this family will always be more economically vigorous than the mass of the population is to argue that they are genetically superior.

    There are only two arguments for favouring mass immigration into the UK. The first is that overcrowding forces up asset values because housing becomes more expensive. Indeed, without immigration the population would decline in numbers and housing would become ever cheaper. Forcing up asset values in this way is stealing money from our children – current property and land owners get extra money but housing becomes too expensive for new home owners. The second argument is that a diverse population will be internationalist and globalising. This argument is equivalent to governments declaring that they do not like the way the current population thinks so they will replace them with a new set of people who are more tractable. See The Benefits of Immigration to the UK Economy.

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