New Formula For Deporting Families with Children in UK.


from UKBA

Detention of children ends but is the proposed alternative humane?

Families with all legal rights exhausted to be given two weeks to leave the UK voluntarily

If they don’t, Children/parents will be forcibly removed from their homes and taken directly to the  airport to board the plane.

UKBA will likely ask for a heavy police presence should the family try and build up any form of community protest on the day of removal. UKBA concerned that if they fail to remove family on the day,  significant public order problems may occur at any future attempts.

In the event of parents of family resisting on the day, family could be separated, children possibly taken into care, whilst police/immigration officials deal with parents.

Any last minute legal challenges processed through the legal system expediently.

The document at many points, stresses the strength of community resistance, from people in the street, teachers, NGOs, MPs, voluntary groups, faith groups, charitable organisations and the media

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