No Detention/No Deportations/No Destitution


dtention centre16th Anniversary Demonstration at

12 noon Saturday 28th November 2009 at

Campsfield Main Gates, Langford Lane, Kidlington

Stagecoach bus to Oxford airport 11.15am, stop C4, by Randolph Hotel, Magdalen St West,

Oxford Bike ride: Meet at 11:00 at Martyrs’ Memorial, St Giles, Oxford city With singers / bring

banners / drums Invited speakers: former detainees, noborders, Stop Deportations, TUC Race

Relations Cttee

followed by: 2.30-4pm at Exeter Hall, Kidlington, meeting of

Barbed Wire Britain Network to End Refugee and Migrant Detention

25 November 1993: two minibuses bring the first detainees from Harmondsworth, Heathrow, to

Campsfield. Demonstrators at the gate protest. Since then, detainees themselves have mounted

countless protests. Over 10,000 innocent people, refugees and undocumented migrants, have

been imprisoned in Campsfield for anything from a day or two to months, even years, without

being charged with any crime, without judicial oversight or proper reason given, and without time

limit. Now the government wants to build a new detention centre of 900 places – the biggest in

Europe – at Bullingdon near Bicester just down the road.

NO detention / NO deportations / NO destitution !

YES to the right to work, and equal rights for all !


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