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Yesterday, the Prime Minister tried to spin his trivial set of demands as a success. He claimed that his deal represents a ‘substantial change’ in our relationship with the EU. However, the reality is that his limited demands have been watered down by the EU in every area. It is an omnishambles renegotiation.

Please forward this email on to ten friends and tell them that the PM’s renegotiation won’t solve the problems they see in the EU.

The only way to get a new relationship with the EU is to Vote Leave. Ask your friends and family to sign up today!


Today’s front pages are clear – they don’t buy Mr Cameron’s deal.

The Times reports that MEPs will be able to veto the UK’s ability to limit benefits for EU migrants and that the PM’s deal won’t reduce immigration.

The Mail notes that David Cameron broke two manifesto pledges and faces accusations of ‘delusion and selling Britain short’.

The Sun leads with three key messages: the PM has caved in over benefits, the ‘brake’ on laws is bogus and the UK has no control over its borders.

The Telegraph reports that Cabinet ministers are threatening to speak out against the PM’s deal before the February European Council.

The FT quotes a Government insider who says the proposed changes to child benefits for EU migrants will cause huge problems in the Department for Work & Pensions: “If I was a DWP computer buff looking at this text, I’d think, bloody hell, how on earth are we going to do that?”

The Guardian reports that the ‘emergency brake’ will take 18 months from now to introduce, even though Mr Cameron claimed it could be enacted immediately.

The Express dismisses the PM’s reform package as ‘pathetic’ after his plans were watered down to ‘even less ambitious than expected’.

The Independent states that the PM’s proposals ‘fall short of his original promises of sweeping reform’.


The PM’s proposal will not deal with the problems which the public see in the EU. We know it, you know it, and the papers know it.

The British people want the UK to take back control of our borders, economy and democracy. The only way to do this is to Vote Leave.

eu flaggWhat we’re up against

Downing Street and the in-at-all costs BSE campaign have been contacting FTSE 100 companies trying to get them to publicly support the Prime Minister’s trivial renegotiation package. In this referendum we will be up against Establishment forces like big business, the Government machine and the EU institutions. This is why we need your help.

Please donate what you can. Our co-treasurer Peter Cruddas has kindly agreed to match every pound donated this week. Click here to double your donation.


Don’t believe the scare stories about the UK leaving the EU. Remember…

As the Chairman of the IN campaign has admitted: ‘Nothing is going to happen if we come out … There will be absolutely no change … It’s not going to be a step change or somebody’s going to turn the lights out.’


Tweet of the day: ‘Worst headlines for four years for David Cameron and George Osborne today’

-Christopher Hope (@christopherhope)

Today’s must-reads:

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Your Brussels deal has done nothing to halt migrants, nothing to win powers back for Britain. Sorry, Prime Minister, but… IT STINKS – Sun

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David Cameron benefits fight isn’t real… it’s more like a rugby haka – Dan Hannan MEP, Sun

This draft EU deal is not worth the paper it is written on – Dr Liam Fox MP,Prospect

Vote Leave

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