PM’s reform package is not a good deal for UK



Today’s publication of the draft UK/EU deal confirms that the Prime Minister’s renegotiation will not address the problems which people see in the EU. The British public want to take back control and end the supremacy of EU law over our borders, economy and democracy. Nothing in today’s announcement even comes close to the fundamental, full on Treaty change Mr Cameron once promised the public.

The only way to get a new UK/EU relationship based on free trade and friendly cooperation is to Vote Leave. Please send this email to 10 friends and ask them to sign up to the campaign today.


David Cameron has failed to deliver on his key manifesto pledge to limit migrants’ benefits. The ‘emergency brake’ on in-work benefits for EU migrants will be triggered by the EU – not by the UK. Significantly, it is not a complete exclusion for four years as David Cameron said he would ‘insist on’ in the Conservative Manifesto, but a ‘graduated’ mechanism allowing EU migrants greater access to benefits over time.

The new ‘red card’ plan is impractical and unworkable. The new ‘red card’ mechanism introduces a new 55% threshold before a law can be blocked. This is much higher than the current threshold of a third of national parliaments and will make the device wholly impractical. As the former Foreign Secretary, William Hague, has said : ‘even if the European Commission proposed the slaughter of the first-born it would be difficult to achieve such a remarkable conjunction of parliamentary votes’.

EU will remain supreme. Today’s draft decision states right at the beginning that it is ‘in conformity with the Treaties’. This reaffirms the supremacy of the EU Treaties over UK law.


If you Vote Leave we can spend money on our priorities

Our latest campaign leaflet reveals that the UK gives the EU nearly 400 times more each year than we spend on the new dedicated pothole fund. The Government has set aside £50 million per year to fill in the 35 million potholes in the UK, which is dwarfed by the £20 billion we send to Brussels each year.

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The leaflet also states how UK taxpayers’ money is spent by Brussels. Although we are one of the largest contributors to the EU budget, wealthy nations such as Germany and France receive more in structural funds (which are used for regional development projects). The EU has spent £264 million on just four bridges in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland, more than the £250 million that is forecast to be spent on the UK’s Pothole Action Fund in the next five years.

After we Vote Leave, we can spend our money on our priorities like fixing our roads. Taxpayers’ money should be spent on filling in potholes in Britain, rather than being squandered on foreign bridges to nowhere.


Launch of Muslims for Britain

Today saw the launch of Muslims for Britain, a group representing British muslims from across the country who want to Vote Leave. They argue that the UK should take back control of making its own free trade deals in order to engage with businesses from emerging markets, rather than being hamstrung by the stagnating Eurozone. Muslims for Britain also don’t want SMEs to have to comply with burdensome EU red tape, and call for the UK to keep the money we send to Brussels and spend it on our priorities. Please sign up to join here.
Vote Leave co-treasurer Peter Cruddas has kindly agreed to match every pound you donate to the campaign this week up to £100,000. Click here to double your donation.

Vote Leave

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