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Imagine if we Vote Leave…our small and medium-sized businesses could focus on creating jobs and driving the economy rather than complying with burdensome EU regulation

Day by day the Prime Minister’s renegotiation appears weaker and weaker. Before the election he promised ‘fundamental change’ in our relationship with the EU and ‘full-on treaty change’. However, the renegotiation has now been criticised by a top human rights lawyer for not seeking enough reform, whilst the Foreign Secretary has admitted the Government’s reform package will no longer require Treaty change. Now a leaked draft of the renegotiation deal reveals how the PM’s demands have been watered down even further. The only way to take back control is to Vote Leave.

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Leaked draft reveals UK deal even worse than initially thought

The draft deal published last week by European Council president Donald Tusk revealed that David Cameron had already reduced his renegotiation down to a set of trivial demands. However, a leaked copy of the latest deal shows how the EU is watering down the reform package even further.

The new deal eats away at the UK’s sovereignty by reasserting the ‘powers of the institutions of the European Union’ and stating that the objective of political integration ‘enjoys wide support in the Union’. It also waters down so-called protections for the City of London and makes it more difficult for the UK to trigger its ‘emergency brake’ on benefit claims. You can read our response to the leaked copy here.

This draft deal not only shows that the Prime Minister has given up on fundamental change, but that the EU is incapable of reform. The only way to achieve a new relationship which works for the British public is to Vote Leave.

Renegotiation slammed by top human rights lawyer

Marina Wheeler QC, a leading human rights lawyer and wife of Boris Johnson, has heavily criticised the Prime Minister for not pushing for further reform in his renegotiation. She points to the ‘jurisdictional muscle-flexing’ of the European Court of Justice which is ‘eroding national sovereignty’, and argues that the current system is ‘untenable’.

Ms Wheeler also blasts the Prime Minister’s ‘red card’ proposal, arguing that it ‘ducks the issue’ of returning sovereignty to the UK. Indeed, she suggests that the lack of reform leaves the ‘way clear for a whole new generation of EU rights to bed down’.

She also questions why the Prime Minister is not seeking a complete opt-out from the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which he had promised to do in 2009. Tony Blair had said that the UK would not be bound by the Charter, but the ECJ has clearly ruled that it applies in the UK in the same way as any other member state. Unelected EU judges have used the Charter to prevent us removing foreign criminals and terrorist suspects and to decide whether prisoners should have the vote in the UK.

It is clear that EU law remains supreme in the UK. Nothing in David Cameron’s renegotiation will change this. Our politicians will be answerable to unelected EU judges, who will strike down UK laws if they contravene EU rules. The only way to take back control, end the supremacy of EU law and return sovereignty to the UK is to Vote Leave.

dave euGovernment’s reform package worthless

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond yesterday told MPs that the Government’s reforms will not require Treaty change. He claimed that the deal would be ‘irreversible’ as it would be registered with the UN as an ‘international legal decision with treaty status’.

Vote Leave research has previously made clear that registering the renegotiation package with the UN is no more than a ploy. It will not give the deal any legal force. The European Court of Justice has ruled that EU law supersedes agreements made at the UN. EU judges could ignore the UK’s renegotiation, making the PM’s reforms redundant.

Without Treaty change David Cameron’s deal is no better than someone promising the cheque is in the post. As the former head of the Council of Minister’s legal service, Jean-Claude Piris said: ‘There is no possibility to make a promise that would be legally binding to change the treaty later’.

The only way to get the fundamental change we need is to Vote Leave.


Don’t believe the scare stories about the UK leaving the EU. Remember…

As the Chairman of the IN campaign admitted: ‘Nothing is going to happen if we come out … There will be absolutely no change … It’s not going to be a step change or somebody’s going to turn the lights out.’


Tweet of the day: ‘It seems the Foreign Secretary told MPs yesterday nothing in Cam’s EU deal requires treaty change. My translation: the whole thing is guff.’

-Patrick O’Flynn MEP (@oflynnmep)

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