This is the first news-magazine established to be a common voice for all immigrants in United Kingdom regardless of nationality, ethnic origin, or language. Untill now there have been ethnic newspapers/letters written in different languages, but English.

Furthermore, immigrant stories were doted in diiferent national newspapers and magazines. This is the first voice for all immigrants regardless of race and ideological orientation.

By United Kingdom we mean England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We do not shy away from controversy, but at this early stage we are not much concerned about the history of the early immigrants into this BIG Ireland. However we wish to acknowlede that some tribes came into the Briitish Isles from Europe, and that the Romans first came in 55B.C. There were also the emergence of the Jutes, Angles and Saxons. Then, also came the Missionaries led by St Augustine; the Vikings from Denmark and Norway and the Norman Conquerers from Normandy. The history of immigration into this Island (UK) continued through the middle ages to this day, including the arrival of those running away from persecution from other parts of Europe in the early forties and Blacks who came from the Carribean after the second World War.

We are aware that earlier immigrants into regions all over the world always adopt “we have arrived, we own this land, short the Gate” attitude. Consequently we at Immigrant Magazine are mostly concerned about the dynamics of recent (please don’t ask me from what year) immigration into United Kingdom.

We aim to be a comprehensive outlet for immigrant information for all UK immigrants and emmigrants. We will particularly attempt to highlight the contributions immigrants make to the UK economy/society. We wish to show the problems immigrants face on arrival. We know that some land on cushioned surfaces while others decend on stonehenged surfaces. It can be tough especially at the early stage but we wish to prove that this is a beautiful and welcoming BIG Island with a lot of future and promise for immigrants. We also aim to provide publications that ensure respect for the land we live in and the sub-cultures that inhabit it.

Consequently we aspire to provide a free monthly news-magazine that will inform, educate, and motivate. We will attempt to inspire and keep hopes alive, and ensure that those housing, visa, racial, job, and culltural problems do not wear the UK immigrant down. Huge successes are there to see and emulate. This website is also a vital information outlet with immigration essays, stories, links, news etc. Immigration is a controversal issue. What are your views? Please give us a feedback by contacting us.
By Austin Aneke

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