Radical Overhaul of Courses at London Metropolitan University.


LONDON Metropolitan University,- the only university in the city of London; which admits a great number of individuals born outside the United Kingdom is cutting the number of courses it offers from 557 to 160. This is far more than two thirds reduction of the entire University course portfolio, and a consequence of the wave of CUTS in UK.

According to the University the “fundamental review of how, when, where and what is taught to London Met undergraduates arises from the University’s challenges of recent years, and the necessity for the University to return maximal value to all its students in a much more competitive environment”

The University’s academic board also announced new fee range spanning between £4500 to £9000. “The predicted average undergraduate fee will be £6850”.

These changes will lead to an average reduction in student population of the university by about 4000 a year beginning from 2012/13. The implications are staggering as most immigrants and children of immigrants attend this university on a large scale. Generally, this can only mean that it will become highly more competitive for people seeking university admissions to secure one within the London orbital- M25 area. Most recent immigrants in UK live within this area  and most times are clearly not competitive financially in securing places in other universities dispersed outside the orbital.

The UK Prime Minister was recently quoted as saying that Oxford University had not admitted even one black student into any of it’s undergraduate programmes for the past years. The University countered this, arguing that it had admitted mixed race students.

It is clearly not difficult identifying the sub groups losing out on these drastic/radical overhaul. For the avoidance of doubt , they are immigrants, poor people, blacks, and/or minority ethnic groups. It is not known whether London Met University conducted any race impact assessment of the changes.

By Austin Aneke.



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