Somalis Displaced


Thousands of displaced Somalis have been affected by heavy rains in Somalia,
Kenya and Ethiopia, the United Nations refugee agency reported today, adding
that it is speeding up efforts to provide emergency assistance in refugee camps.

According to the UN High Commissioner for
Refugees (UNHCR), the rains have flooded some 2,800 people in the Sigale camp in
Mogadishu, disrupted the transport system and slowed the pace of internal
displacement in the impoverished country.

UNHCR spokesperson Andrej Mahecic said at a press briefing in Geneva that the
agency has distributed 4,500 assistance kits so far, which include plastic
sheets, plastic buckets and soap. He also said that despite the rains slowing
down the movement of people, many continue to move away from areas of conflict.
“We are still seeing some movement. In the last week, more than 2,200 people
have moved from Afgooye and Daynile, north of Mogadishu, to areas south of the
capital in Banadir district. Some say they fled due to general insecurity, while
others were trying to return to their home areas in anticipation of
deteriorating security,” he said.

and insecurity in Somalia has forced more than 330,000 people to flee the
country this year, with the vast majority going to neighbouring Kenya, Ethiopia,
Yemen and Djibouti.
In the Dadaab refugee complex in Kenya where some 5,000 people have lost their
homes due to the flood waters, UNHCR and its partners have moved them to dryer
parts of the camps, and provided blankets and sleeping mats while working to
improve drainage in the flooded areas.
Mr. Mahecic also expressed concern for the increasing number of cases of
flood-related illnesses in refugees.
“We are seeing a worrying rise in the number of watery diarrhoea cases and a
general deterioration of the health situation among refugees, with some 600
people approaching the health centres daily. As part of efforts to prevent
disease outbreak, we have started awareness campaigns to encourage refugees to
wash their hands, boil water and drink only safe water,” he said.

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