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Graphics: Europe’s asylum seekers

Syria’s brutal civil war is pushing a new wave of migrants towards Europe. Their numbers have surged, but many asylum seekers in Europe have also fled the conflicts and turmoil in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Horn of Africa. European governments are struggling to co-ordinate their response to the influx. Large...
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Australia to send asylum-seekers to PNG

Asylum-seekers arriving by boat will no longer be resettled in Australia but will go to Papua New Guinea, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced. The news came as Mr Rudd set out an overhaul of asylum policy ahead of a general election expected shortly. Australia has seen a sharp rise...
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The UKBA and child asylum seekers

The compensation payment to child asylum seekers who were unlawfully detained (Report, 18 February) is a symptom of a deeper problem affecting, at any one time, thousands of young asylum seekers claiming to be children who arrive in the UK. The current system for assessing the age of these vulnerable...
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