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Tag Archives: commonwealth

New Secretary-General of the Commonwealth announced

Baroness Scotland was selected Commonwealth Secretary-General this afternoon at the Commonwealth summit in Malta. The selection of the new Secretary-General took place in a closed session during the 24th biennial Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). The process was overseen by the CHOGM Chair and the Prime Minister of Malta...
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Civil efforts key to true reconciliation, says Lord Alderdice

Former member of the Commonwealth Commission on Respect and Understanding, Lord Alderdice, addresses participants at Commonwealth roundtable on reconciliation True reconciliation requires building trust and relationships among communities emerging from conflicts, and in institutions and legal regimes for delivering justice, Lord John Alderdice, a former member of the Commonwealth Commission...
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Lets Go To It- Brown.

by Austin Aneke May 6 is election day in UK. The world had awaited this annoucement since Blair handed over to Brown about three years ago. And yesterday with Her Majesty’s approval, Brown decleared let’s go to it. He made his speech on the front door of NO 10 Downing...
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