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So, What Multiculturalism Are We Talking About?

In his first speech as prime minister, at a conference in Munich David Cameron criticised “state multiculturalism”, and argued that UK needed a stronger national identity. Prior to this speech Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that attempts to build a multicultural society in Germany have “utterly failed”. According to Merkel, “the...
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Boston protest held over immigration levels- BBC

————————- Picture Credit- BBC ———————- A protest against “high-levels” of immigration in a Lincolnshire market town has taken place. The Boston Protest Group said the “peaceful demonstration” was aimed at highlighting the pressure put on local services by migrant workers. About 300 people gathered at the Herbert Ingram memorial for...
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Foreign students: an idiotic decision

There are other questions that should be asked after this week’s withdrawal of London Met’s favoured status for sponsoring students from outside the EU, such as why the UK Border Agency took this drastic step on such limited evidence. And how far either Vince Cable or David Willetts was consulted,...
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