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Tag Archives: foreigners

Quelling xenophobia in South Africa’s townships

(IRIN) – This week marks five years since tensions between foreigners and South Africans living in impoverished communities across the country erupted in xenophobic violence, leaving more than 60 people dead and tens of thousands displaced, their homes and businesses robbed and abandoned. Since May 2008, various initiatives have been...
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Rare mass rally over Singapore immigration plans

Singaporeans have staged a rare demonstration, in protest at government plans to allow more immigration. Organisers said more than 4,000 people attended the rally, making it one of Singapore’s largest ever protests. They are angry at a recent government policy paper that predicted the population would grow by 30% to...
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Swiss Ecopop group forces immigration referendum

A group of Swiss environmentalists has collected enough signatures to force a national referendum on immigration. The Ecopop group says natural resources are under increasing pressure from overpopulation. It wants annual population growth through immigration capped at 0.2% and a tenth of foreign aid to be used for birth control...
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Sarkozy: France has too many foreigners

French President Nicholas Sarkozy has said there are too many foreigners in France – and pledged to halve the number of immigrants arriving if he is re-elected later this year. His comments come as the presidential election campaign is already overshadowed by a row about French identity.   Read More...
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